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Model Number: Wonder 2

Rated Current: 10A/20A/30A/40A/50A/60A/80A/100A 

Rated Voltage: 12V/24V/48V 

Max Solar Input Voltage: 120V-180V

Certificate:CE RoHS ISO,etc

OEM/ODM:Accepted,factory manufacturer & supplier wholesales at low price


Lithium MPPT Solar Charge Regulator-Manufacturer & Supplier

  • Lithium MPPT Solar Charge Regulator-Manufacturer & Supplier
  • Lithium MPPT Solar Charge Regulator-Manufacturer & Supplier
  • Lithium MPPT Solar Charge Regulator-Manufacturer & Supplier
  • Lithium MPPT Solar Charge Regulator-Manufacturer & Supplier
  • Lithium MPPT Solar Charge Regulator-Manufacturer & Supplier
  • Lithium MPPT Solar Charge Regulator-Manufacturer & Supplier
  • Lithium MPPT Solar Charge Regulator-Manufacturer & Supplier
Lithium MPPT Solar Charge Regulator-Manufacturer & Supplier
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solar charge regulator

# MPPT Regulator Features

◇ Advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking algorithm with an efficiency of up to 99%.This algorithm outperforms conventional PWM methods approximately 20% improvement in power generation efficiency.

◆ Intelligent battery management function with the lithium battery activation function.When the lithium battery is discharged at low voltage, the protection board will disconnect the output, and when the photovoltaic comes, the lithium battery will be reactivated to continue to supply power.

◇ Features a clear LCD graphic display showcasing photovoltaic power generation data and simulating the power generation process. This visual representation allows users to monitor system performance with ease.

◆ Flexible load working modes can be set to meet the requirements of different working scenarios, enhancing the system's adaptability and multifunctionality.

◇Integrates intelligent battery management functionality to extend battery life and enhance system reliability.

◆ Protection against overload, overheat, short circuits, safety and reliable;

◇ Equipped with an RS485 communication interface (Mod Bus protocol) and mobile app compatibility, facilitating user monitor and management for seamless monitoring and control.

MPPT Regulator Details

MPPT Regulator Wiring Diagram


This mppt solar regulator have simple install design, the wiring diagram clearly show the connection port for solar panel, batteries and DC load, please focus on the positive and negative port.If you have any problems during the installation process, please contact our engineers to solve all after-sales problems for you.

Best MPPT Solar Regulator Specification

Model:Wonder210124,20124,30124            1048,2048,3048            40124,50124,60124            4048,5048,6048            80124,100124            8048,10048            
Rated Current10A/20A/30A40A/50A/60A80A/100A
Rated System Voltage12V/24V             48V12V/24V             48V12V/24V             48V
PV Input
Max PV Input Voltage(Voc)120V180V120V180V120V180V
MPPT Tracking Voltage Range12V system(15V-80V);  24V system(30V-100V);  48V system(60V-140V)            
PV Array Max Power12V system: 140W(10A)/280W(20A)/420W(30A)/560W(40A)/700W(50A)/840W(60A)/1120W(80A)/1400W(100A);  
24V system: 280W(10A)/560W(20A)/840W(30A)/1120W(40A)/1400W(50A)/1680W(60A)/2240W(80A)/2800W(100A);
48V system: 560W(10A)/1120W(20A)/1680W(30A)/2240W(40A)/2800W(50A)/3360W(60A)/4480W(80A)/5600W(100A)
Battery TypeLead acid battery/Lithium battery (Battery type base on user charge specification)
Floating Charge Voltage13.8V/Single battery (Lead acid battery)

Equalized Charging Voltage
14.2V/Single battery (Lead acid battery)
Charging Protection Voltage15V/Single battery (Lead acid battery)
ProtectionOver-voltage/under-voltage/over-temperature/PV&Battery anti-reverse/DC output overcurrent protection etc.
Communication             RS485/APP(WIFI or GPRS monitoring)            
Activate Lithium Battery FunctionLithium battery can be activated automatically
MPPT Tracking Efficiency>99%
Protection DegreeIP20
Cooling MethodCooling fan in intelligent control
Operating Temperature-15℃~50℃            
Relative Humidity5~95%(No condensation)
Dimensions and Weight
Machine Size(L*W*Hmm)214*155*72.8238*180*82315*210*106.5
Package Size(L*W*Hmm)243*184*115(1pc)
497*379*247 (pcs)
639*278*265 (6pcs)
489*355*315 (4pcs)

# Why Choose Us?

mppt solar regulator-manufacturer and supplier

▷R&D Ability

Xindun have 20+ senior engineer and is at the top of the industry.ISO 9001:2015,ISO 14001:2015,10+ Software Copyright,20+ Patent Certificates, 50+ Honorary Certificates.


We can provide customized services: logo, machine appearance,special voltage and current, etc. The products you see on other website which is same with us, they are all from Xindun Power.


The warranty of Xindun mppt regulator is 3 year.

▷After-Sales Service

Xindun's product failure rate is within 5%, which is far lower than the average in the industry. We promise to solve the after-sales problems within 48 hours.We have cooperated with many customers for more than 10 years,without perfect after-sales service, they cannot always choose xindun!

# About Xindun Power

mppt regulator-manufacturer and supplier

Guangdong Xindun Power Technology Co.,Ltd-Takes innovation as the core, grasps the leading photovoltaic power generation technology, and joins the advanced industrial Internet of things and big data technology to realize the successful application of cloud computing in the field of energy management. In the industry for more than 18 years of outstanding performance, let us become a strong influence in the field of companies.

★Factory Location-Foshan,Guangdong,China

★Main Market-Africa, Middle East, Asia & South America. (Ukraine, Russia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Nigeria, Kenya, South Afriac, Ghana, Thailand,Philippines, etc.)

★Factory-10000+Square Meters, 100+ workers

★Product Range-solar inverter,3 phase inverter,hybrid inverter,UPS,solar charge controller,solar power system,mini solar dc system

★Department-R&D, Production, Sales, Marketing, Purchasing, QA, After-sale service department

★Certificate-CE, IEC, TUV,ROHS etc.

★Patent-Software Paten, Design Patent, Project Pantent

# Qualifications and Certificates

lithium solar regulator certificate

# Factory Workshop

solar charge regulator-manufacturer and supplier

We have nearly 10000+ square meters of standard mppt regulator production factory, advanced R&D testing capabilities and lithium solar regulator production equipment.Strict quality inspection and manufacturing process control.

Strict quality inspection of mppt solar regulator

# Our Respected Global Customers  

mppt regulator expo

# Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:Are we the factory and manufacturer of the best mppt regulator?

A1:Yes, Xindun Power boasts over 18 years of expertise in manufacturing and designing top-tier mppt solar regulator. Our team of professional  engineers is dedicated to delivering configuration and installation services to customer.

Q2: How does an MPPT solar regulator differ from other solar charge regulator?

A2:Differing from conventional solar charge regulator, mppt solar regulator employ sophisticated tracking algorithms to optimize the output of solar panels. This leads to heightened charging efficiency and accelerated battery charging compared to standard regulator.


Q3: Can I use an MPPT regulator with different types of solar panels?

A3: Yes, our MPPT regulator are designed to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of solar panels, encompassing monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film varieties. This compatibility ensures the flexibility you need in crafting your solar system design.


Q4: What are the benefits of using an MPPT solar charge regulator?

A4: MPPT solar charge regulator offer several advantages, including increased energy harvesting, improved battery lifespan, compatibility with different battery types, and the ability to adapt to changing weather conditions.


Q5: How to choose a mppt regulator?

A5: Tell us your demand, then our sales will recommend a suitable mppt regulator to you.

Q6:What are our mppt solar regulator sales markets?

A6:The mppt regulator and solar energy systems of Xindun Power have been sold to more than 60 countries and regions around the world. The main markets are: Africa, the Middle East, Asia, South America, etc.




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