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Inverter For Boat

Marine Inverter

Marine Power Inverter For Boat 

Why we need a marine power inverter for boat?

1)At its most basic, a marine inverter takes DC power from your boat's battery bank and converts it into AC power, so that you can use householditems on your boat without being hooked up to shore power or facing the great expense of installing a generator.

2)When out at sea, nothing adds a touch of home more than an AC converter for boat use. Having a means for powering your AC electrical appliances like radios, TVs, computers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, etc, is as easy as installing a quality power inverter for boat or marine battery charger inverter.

Power Inverter For Boat

Benefits of a marine power inverter for boat:

1)The marine power inverter in our power system provide DC-to-AC power to run air conditioners, kitchen equipment, and a variety of other high-power loads, all of which are quiet, environmentally friendly and emission-free.

2)Allow crew members to explore environmentally sensitive areas with complete peace of mind through the safest and most eco-responsible onboard power provided by our marine solar power system. From our high-power solar panels to our compact and durable batteries and our best-in-class marine inverter chargers, Xindun Power gives you the freedom to travel or work in quiet comfort.

3)In extreme off-grid environmental conditions, when the marine inverter is in offline UPS mode, it can still provide continuous uninterrupted power, just keep your marine inverter in UPS mode without worrying about power outages.

Marine Power Inverter

What Marine Power Inverter Is Right for your boat?

If you want to purchase and install a power inverter for boat, you can consult Xindun Power for detailed information. Xindun Power is a professional manufacturer of marine power inverter. We promise to provide our customers with the highest quality, high performance and reliable marine inverter battery chargers at the most reasonable price range.

We can provide wholesale products for dealers and customized solar power inverter solutions for end users. Welcome to consult.

Recommend some marine inverters for boat:

WD marine power inverter for boat

700W-40KW High efficiency toroidal transformer with lower losses.

WP marine power inverter for boat

700W-7KW Pure sine wave output is suitable for various loads.

HDSX marine power inverter for boat

4KVA-200KVA 100% imbalance loading design, 3 times peak power.

NB marine power inverter for boat

350W-40KW AC voltage input range, AVR output.