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Inverter For Factory

Industrial Inverter

Industrial Solar Power Inverter For Factory 

Why we need an industrial power inverter?

1)Industrial Inverter systems are used for rugged environments and designed particularly to safeguard critical loads in industrial applications. An galvanically isolationed transformer is used to isolate load from input supply. Otherwise, voltage transients, created by degraded mains supply, can seriously damage both industrial inverter and the critical load.

2)Industrial power inverter is suitable for providing safe, uninterrupted power to critical loads that require an AC voltage supply independent of the mains power system and possible failures. This independent power supply avoids interruption of connected loads due to mains failure, mains voltage deviation or mains frequency deviation, any of which can lead to huge economic losses and personal danger.

Industrial Solar Inverter

Benefits of an industrial power inverter:

1)Mechanical industrial inverter is tailored for use in harsh industrial environments and can meet the most demanding requirements in a small space. Fully digital and redundant controls provide high reliability. High system efficiency is achieved even at low output power and is compatible with most types of batteries.

2)Industrial inverter systems are designed for all industrial applications to provide safe power to all types of AC loads. The design features modular and scalable hot-swappable inverter modules that ensure reduced mean time to repair, lower service costs and meet the changing needs of future expansion.

3)In the event of mains interruption or failure, the battery connected to the DC input feeds the load automatically and without interruption. If the battery discharge limit is exceeded, the industrial inverter automatically turns off and a warning is given shortly before the discharged voltage limit is reached. Automatic change-over of the load to the bypass mains or a suitable spare supply occurs if the supply from the industrial inverter falls outside the preset tolerances.

Industrial Power Inverter

What Power Inverter Is Right for factory?

Industrial electricity is generally three-phase power, and the power of electrical appliances will be relatively large. You can choose HDSX series three-phase industrial solar inverter of Xindun Power to supply power for the factory, with a power range of 4kva-200kva to meet the electricity demand of small and medium-sized factories. Low frequency pure sine wave with regulated output, support 100% unbalanced load, suitable for single-phase and three-phase load.

3 phase off grid industrial solar inverter can be used in single-phase and three-phase ac load with total power not exceeding.

Recommend Industrial Solar Inverter For Factory:

We offer working modes for 3 phase industrial solar inverter.(transfer time≤4ms),when AC grid power is available, industrial power inverter charges battery, at the same time, AC grid supply power through industrial power inverter to industrial appliances, such as drill, water pump, etc. When AC grid power is off, it will automatic transfer switch to battery power and convert DC to AC power.

If you want to know more about inverter for factory and install a industrial solar inverter, you can consult Xindun Power's industrial solar inverter experts for detailed information.

HDSX industrial inverter for factory

Xindun Power is a professional and experienced industrial solar inverter manufacturer. We promise to provide our customers with the highest quality, high performance and reliable inverter for factory at the most reasonable price range.

We can provide wholesale industrial solar inverter for dealers and customized solar inverter solutions for end users. Welcome to consult. 

Industrial 3 Phase Solar Inverter For Factory
4KVA-8KVA pure sine wave output,built-in solar controller.

Industrial 3 Phase Solar Inverter For Factory
10KVA-30KVA 100% imbalance loading design,3 times peak power.

Industrial 3 Phase Solar Inverter For Factory
40KVA-80KVA different working modes based on variable usage requirements.

Industrial 3 Phase Solar Inverter For Factory
100KVA-160KVA Wide LCD screen,clearly and precisely shows icon data.

Industrial 3 Phase Solar Inverter For Factory
190KVA/200KVA Various communication ports and remote controls.