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Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial Off-grid Solar Power System

Scheme Of Industrial Off-grid Solar Power System

Applicable scenario:office or plant infrastructure uses electricity, such as electric lights, computers, air conditioners, emergency power supplies for small production equipment

Ancillary equipment: solar panels, converters, solar energy controllers, storage batteries, off-grid inverters, solar support / Wires, etc

Solution: off-grid power system in the office or factory application, one can solve the public power network not to develop the inconvenience of electricity, and the second can alleviate the power supply tension caused by the peak of electricity consumption, third, it can be used as an emergency power supply to help small equipment to continue working in the event of a short blackout.

Program features:

1) to save electricity costs for enterprises, and better achieve the index of Energy Saving and emission reduction;

2) in the field of industrial manufacturing, the off-grid power generation system is used as the emergency power generating equipment in power-unstable areas, and enhances the safety of power consumption;

Free-of-charge industrial solar power system Customized scheme 
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