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Solar System Installation
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  • NB off grid solar installation
  • NB off grid solar power system installation

Off grid solar power system installation precautions:

1. The solar panel array needs to consider the installation azimuth and tilt angle.

2. Avoid blocking between the solar panels. Including surrounding buildings (telephone poles, cornices, etc.).

3. The stability and firmness of the solar bracket placement.

4. The wiring distance and the position of the combiner box. Keep the trace distance as short and average as possible.

5. Relevant accessories must meet the off grid solar power system requirements (such as binding posts, wire diameters, etc.).

6. The terminals should be firm to prevent virtual connection or open circuit.

7. The battery terminals should be firm (do not short-circuit) when installing, pay attention to the polarity to avoid explosion and fire.

8. The solar charge controller generally has corresponding power distribution protection measures. However, during the wiring process, attention should be paid to prevent reverse polarity and short circuit to avoid unnecessary trouble. Pay attention to the angle of placement and avoid rainwater immersion.

9. For a off grid solar power system installation with a solar inverter, the solar inverter should be connected to the positive and negative electrodes of the battery.

10. The location of the construction system must be open, and there should be no tall buildings or other things blocking the sunlight where the solar cell array is installed.

11. The solar charge controller needs to choose a controller with low loss, good working stability and long life. When installing, find out whether the solar charge controller belongs to a common negative design or a common positive design, which is helpful for the connection and off grid solar power system installation of the entire system.

12. During the off grid solar system installation process, pay attention to the protection of electrical switches, etc., to prevent live operation, so as to cause unnecessary losses and troubles.

13. Attention should be paid to the details of solar charge controller debugging, so as not to affect the cycle of the entire off grid solar power system installation engineering.

Off Grid Solar Power System Installation