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Low Frequency Inverter

Low frequency inverter stably and reliably,pure sine wave AC output.No electromagnetic pollution, small interference to communication 

equipment and precision equipment, low noise, strong load adaptability, and low frequency inverter can meet the application of all AC loads.

We have obtained numerous national patented technologies,the most powerful power supply manufacturer & supplier in China.

If you are looking for low frequency inverter manufacturer & supplier to design, OEM/ODM or customized,Pls contact Xindun Power to learn 

low frequency inverter for sale.Pls contact Xindun Power to learn low frequency inverter for sale.

  • WD Low Frequency Inverter 700W-40KW

WD Low Frequency Inverter 700W-40KW

Technical Parameter

Rated Power: 700W-40KW, Battery Voltage: DC12V-DC384V

Output: AC110V -AC240V / 50Hz or 60Hz


◇ Low frequency inverter pure sine wave output;

◇ High efficiency toroidal transformer lower loss;

◇ Intelligent LCD displays various operating states of inverter;

◇ Three types working modes adjustable:AC first, DC first, 

   energy-saving mode;

◇ Added fault code query function,facilitate user to monitor the 

   operation state in real time.

  • WP Low Frequency Inverter 700W-7KW

WP Low Frequency Inverter 700W-7KW

Technical Parameter

Rated Power: 700W-7KW, Battery Voltage: DC12V-DC192V

Output: AC110V -AC240V / 50Hz or 60Hz


◇ Adopt EI transformer, low frequency inverter with strong impact resistance ability;

◇ Inverter pure sine wave output, adapt all types of ac loads;

◇ Intelligent LCD integrated display, real-time view of operating status and setting data;

◇ Three types working modes (AC first / Battery first / Saving energy mode);

◇ Protection against overload, overheat, short circuits, safety and reliable.

  • ZRS Low Frequency Inverter 3KW-25KW

ZRS Low Frequency Inverter 3KW-25KW

Technical Parameter

Rated Power: 3KW-25KW, Battery Voltage: DC48V-DC240V

Output: 220V/230V / 50Hz or 60Hz


◇ Low frequency inverter with integrated intelligent energy management system, a variety of modes could be set;

◇ DC AC converter has high transfer efficiency;

◇ Ease city grid pressure, reduce electricity bills;

◇  Dual MPPT input, precise algorithm, efficient use of PV energy;

◇ Solar dc to ac converter could be either with or without storage battery configuration.

  • NB Low Frequency Inverter 350W-40KW

NB Low Frequency Inverter 350W-40KW

Technical Parameter

Rated Power: 350W-40KW, Battery Voltage: DC12V-DC380V

Output: AC110V - AC240V / 50Hz or 60Hz


◇ Solar low frequency inverter pure sine wave output;

◇ Adopt traditional EI transformer , stable performance;

◇ Working modes: AC first or battery first optional, intelligent 


◇ Wide AC voltage input range, AVR output;

◇ LED&LCD real-time display, concise and straightforward.

  • HDSX Low Frequency Inverter 4KVA-200KVA

HDSX Low Frequency Inverter

Technical Parameter

Peak Power: 4KVA-200KVA, Battery Voltage: DC48V-DC384V

Output: 380Vac or 400Vac / 50Hz or 60Hz


◇ 3 Phase low frequency inverter pure sine wave output;

◇ Low DC voltage, saving system cost;

◇ 3 Phase inverter optional built-in PWM or MPPT charge controller;

◇ AC charge current 0-45A adjustable;

◇ 100% imbalance loading design, 3 times peak power;

◇ Wide LCD screen, clearly and precisely shows icon data.

  • PD Low Frequency Inverter 350W-3KW

PD Low Frequency Inverter 350W-3KW

Technical Parameter

Rated Power: 350W-3KW, Battery Voltage: DC12V-DC48V

Output: AC110V or AC220V / 50Hz or 60Hz


◇ Built-in solar charge controller;

◇ Low frequency inverter pure sine wave output;

◇ Low frequency toroidal transformer lower loss;

◇ AC charging function, maximum charge current up to 15A, AVR AC 


◇ LED&LCD real-time display working status.

About Xindun Power

Guangdong Xindun Power Technology Co., Ltd. is a low frequency inverter manufacturer & supplier with nearly 16 years of experience in production and design, providing stable,safe and clean solar power for the world. Low frequency inverter is widely used in households, businesses, governments, finance, transportation, industry etc.We can provide customized low frequency inverter solar power system solutions,high-quality after-sales service and reasonable price range about low frequency inverter for sale.

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