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Agricultural Off-grid Solar Power System

Scheme Of Agricultural Off-grid Solar Power System

Application scenario:electric saw, harvesting, water pump, irrigation, weeding and other agricultural applications

Ancillary equipment: solar panel, Solar Controller, storage battery, off-grid inverter, solar bracket / Wire, etc

Introduction:In the environment of insufficient power supply, it is necessary to use Xindun to complete the farm work efficiently and smoothly, such as harvesting, pumping and irrigation! This system does not rely on the grid, greatly saves the cost of agricultural operation, is an ideal set of economic, reliable and environmental benefits for a green high-tech energy products.

Program features:
1) solar panels are used to absorb solar radiation energy, which is then retrofitted to provide electricity directly to agricultural equipment so that farm operations are no longer limited by distance, topography and electricity grids;

2) the input cost of traditional energy and power is greatly reduced by off-grid power generation system. Photovoltaic farms is the future trend to follow.

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