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Inverter For Solar System

inverter for solar power

Inverter For Solar Power System 

Why use an inverter for solar power system?

1) If solar panels are the brawn of your solar power system, the solar inverter is its brain, and they work together to ensure you get the maximum amount of electricity. Most people are familiar with solar panels because they’re the most visible part of a solar power system, but the solar inverter is an equally important component to consider, as it allows electricity from the sun’s rays to be converted into useful electricity for your household.

2) The electricity emitted by solar energy is direct current, which cannot be directly used in our daily AC appliances, while the inverter for solar power can convert the direct current in the solar energy or the battery into the alternating current required by most electrical appliances, with pure sine wave output, safe and stable on-load.

3)For areas without electricity or areas with unstable power, the solar power system is a feasible solution for power supply.The system does not rely on the power grid, but relies on the solar power system to generate and store electrical energy. It is self-produced and used, and can be used anytime and anywhere. It is a set of ideal, reliable and environmentally friendly green high-tech energy products.

Application scenario of inverter for solar power system:

Small households, especially in remote rural areas, highland, hilltops, islands, pastoral areas, border guard posts, etc. Away from the power grid or power grid underdeveloped areas of the military and civilian electricity.

The off-grid solar power system is a new portable energy product designed specifically for solving electricity problems in homes, individuals, collectives and units in the absence of electricity, one-time investments can return electricity for more than 25 years.

inverter for solar power

Inverter for solar power system features:

1) self-generating self-use power supply, without the need to be integrated into the power grid, to effectively solve the basic life-use electricity of the military and the civilian in the power-free areas;

2) off-grid solar power system can also be used as emergency power generation equipment in power-unstable areas and enhance the safety of power consumption.

inverter for solar system

Xindun Power is a professional manufacturer of inverters for solar power system. It can provide wholesale products for dealers and customized solar power system solutions for end users. Welcome to consult.

Recommend Inverter for solar power system:

HP PRO High Frequency Inverter For Solar System

1KW-7KW high-frequency design, high power density, small size.

HP PRO-T High Frequency Inverter For Solar System

1KW-7KW Built-in MPPT controller, integrated solar and mains charging.

HP PLUS High Frequency Inverter For Solar System

3000W/5000W Combining solar system, AC utility, and battery power source. 


LS Hybrid Solar Inverter For Solar System

1KW-6KW Built-in PWM or MPPT solar controller,three working modes selectable.