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Model Number: DP Solar Charger Inverter

Rated output power: 1000W-7000W

Battery Voltage:DC 12V/24V/48V

Output: 110VAC / 120VAC / 220VAC / 230VAC/ 240VAC

Output waveform: pure sine wave 

Solar Controller: MPPT or PWM Optional

Certificate:CE RoHS ISO,etc

OEM/ODM:Accepted,factory manufacturer & supplier wholesales at low price

All In One Solar Charger Inverter Combo - Manufacturer & Supplier

  • All In One Solar Charger Inverter Combo - Manufacturer & Supplier
  • All In One Solar Charger Inverter Combo - Manufacturer & Supplier
  • All In One Solar Charger Inverter Combo - Manufacturer & Supplier
  • All In One Solar Charger Inverter Combo - Manufacturer & Supplier
  • All In One Solar Charger Inverter Combo - Manufacturer & Supplier
  • All In One Solar Charger Inverter Combo - Manufacturer & Supplier
All In One Solar Charger Inverter Combo - Manufacturer & Supplier
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solar charger inverter Chinese manufacturer supplier

# Solar Charger Inverter Features

◇ Ensures a pure sine wave output, providing stability, smooth operation, and low distortion suitable for all types of loads.

◆  Prioritizes AC/solar for charging, with adjustable solar and AC charging currents via a external multi-function display.

◇ Features remote monitoring capabilities through RS485 communication or the convenience of an APP (WIFI or GPRS).

◆ Matches a variety of battery types, such as lithium battery, LiFePO4, gel battery

Protection against overload, overheat, short circuits, safety and reliable;

◆ Power factor 1.0

Solar Charger Inverter Details

Solar Charger Inverter Wiring Diagram

Solar Charger Inverter Application

#Solar Charger Inverter Package and Delivery

Solar Charger Inverter Specification

Model: DP/DP-T10212/24/4815212/24/4820212/24/4830224/4840224/48502486024870248
Rated Power1000W1500W2000W3000W4000W5000W6000W7000W
Peak Power(20ms)3000VA4500VA6000VA9000VA12000VA15000VA18000VA21000VA
Start Motor1HP1.5HP2HP3HP3HP4HP4HP5HP
Battery Voltage12/24/48VDC24/48VDC24/48VDC48VDC
Packing Size(L*W*Hmm)620*345*255680*365*280
G.W.(kg)(Carton Packing)141517.52025.52728.530
Installation MethodWall-Mounted
InputDC Input Voltage Range10.5-15VDC(Single battery voltage)
AC Input Voltage Range85VAC~138VAC(110VAC)/ 95VAC~148VAC(120VAC / 170VAC~275VAC(220VAC / 180VAC~285VAC(230VAC)
/ 190VAC~295VAC(240VAC)
AC Input Frequency Range45Hz~55Hz(50Hz) / 55Hz~65Hz(60Hz)
Max AC charging current0~30A(Depending on the model)
AC charging methodThree-stage (constant current, constant voltage, floating charge)
OutputEfficiency(Battery Mode)≥85%
Output Voltage(Battery Mode)110VAC±2% / 120VAC±2% / 220VAC±2% / 230VAC±2% / 240VAC±2%               
Output Frequency(Battery Mode)50/60Hz±1%
Output Wave(Battery Mode)Pure Sine Wave
Efficiency(AC Mode)>99%
Output Voltage(AC Mode)110VAC±10% / 120VAC±10% / 220VAC±10% / 230VAC±10% / 240VAC±10%               
Output Frequency(AC Mode)Follow input
Output waveform distortion
(Battery Mode)
≤3%(Linear load)
No load loss(Battery Mode)≤0.8% rated power
No load loss(AC Mode) ≤2% rated power( charger does not work in AC mode)
No load loss(Energy saving Mode)≤10W
Battery TypeVRLA BatteryCharge Voltage :14V; Float Voltage:13.8V( 12V system; 24V system x2 ; 48V system x4)
Customize batteryCharging and discharging parameters of different types of batteries can be customized according to user requirements
 (charging and discharging parameters of different types of batteries can be set through the operation panel)
ProtectionBattery undervoltage alarmFactory default: 11V(12V system; 24V system x2; 48V system x4)
Battery undervoltage protectionFactory default: 10.5V(12V system; 24V system x2; 48V system x4)
Battery overvoltage alarmFactory default: 15V(12V system; 24V system x2; 48V system x4)
Battery overvoltage protectionFactory default:  17V(12V system; 24V system x2; 48V system x4)
Battery overvoltage recovery voltageFactory default:  14.5V(12V system; 24V system x2; 48V system x4)
Overload power protectionAutomatic protection (battery mode), circuit breaker or insurance (AC mode)
Inverter output short circuit protectionAutomatic protection (battery mode), circuit breaker or insurance (AC mode)
Temperature protection>90°C(Shut down output)
AlarmANormal working condition, buzzer has no alarm sound
BBuzzer sounds 4 times per second when battery failure, voltage abnormality, overload protection
CWhen the machine is turned on for the first time, the buzzer will prompt 5 when the machine is normal
Inside Solar controller
Charging ModePWM or MPPT
Charging current10A~60A(PWM or MPPT)10A~60A(PWM )  / 10A~100A(MPPT)
PV Input Voltage RangePWM: 15V-44V(12V system); 30V-44V(24V system); 60V-88V(48V system)
MPPT: 15V-120V(12V system); 30V-120V(24V system); 60V-120V(48V system)
Max PV Input Voltage(Voc)
(At the lowest temperature)
PWM: 50V(12V/24V system); 100V(48V system) / MPPT: 150V(12V/24V/48V system)
PV Array Maximum Power12V system: 140W(10A)/280W(20A)/420W(30A)/560W(40A)/700W(50A)/840W(60A)/1120W(80A)/1400W(100A);
24V system: 280W(10A)/560W(20A)/840W(30A)/1120W(40A)/1400W(50A)/1680W(60A)/2240W(80A)/2800W(100A);
48V system: 560W(10A)/1120W(20A)/1680W(30A)/2240W(40A)/2800W(50A)/3360W(60A)/4480W(80A)/5600W(100A)
Standby loss≤3W
Maximum conversion efficiency>95%
Working ModeBattery First/AC First/Saving Energy Mode
Transfer Time≤4ms
DisplayLCD(External LCD Display(Optional))
Thermal methodCooling fan in intelligent control
Communication(Optional)RS485/APP(WIFI monitoring or GPRS monitoring)
EnvironmentOperating temperature-10℃~40℃
Storage temperature-15℃~60℃
Elevation2000m(More than derating)
Humidity0%~95% ,No condensation

# Why Choose Us?

Xindun solar charger inverter manufacturer and supplier

▷R&D Ability

Xindun have 20+ senior engineer and is at the top of the industry.ISO 9001:2015,ISO 14001:2015,10+ Software Copyright,20+ Patent Certificates, 50+ Honorary Certificates.


We can provide customized services: logo, machine appearance,special voltage and power, etc. The products you see on other website which is same with us, they are all from Xindun Power.


The warranty of Xindun products is 2~3 years(Industry-wide warranty is 1 year).

▷After-Sales Service

Xindun's product failure rate is within 5%, which is far lower than the average in the industry. We promise to solve the after-sales problems within 48 hours.We have cooperated with many customers for more than 10 years,without perfect after-sales service, they cannot always choose xindun!

# About Xindun Power

solar charger inverter all in one -manufacturer and supplier

Guangdong Xindun Power Technology Co.,Ltd-Takes innovation as the core, grasps the leading photovoltaic power generation technology, and joins the advanced industrial Internet of things and big data technology to realize the successful application of cloud computing in the field of energy management. In the industry for more than 18 years of outstanding performance, let us become a strong influence in the field of companies.

★Factory Location-Foshan,Guangdong,China

★Main Market-Africa, Middle East, Asia & South America. (Ukraine, Russia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Nigeria, Kenya, South Afriac, Ghana, Thailand,Philippines, etc.)

★Factory-10000+Square Meters, 100+ workers

★Product Range-solar inverter,3 phase inverter,hybrid inverter,UPS,solar charge controller,solar power system,mini solar dc system

★Department-R&D, Production, Sales, Marketing, Purchasing, QA, After-sale service department

★Certificate- CE, IEC, TUV,ROHS etc.

★Patent-Software Paten, Design Patent, Project Pantent

# Qualifications and Certificates

Certificates of all in one solar charger inverter

# Factory Workshop

all in one solar charger inverter-manufacturer and supplier

Strict quality inspection of all in one solar inverter charger

We have nearly 10000 square meters of standard all in one solar charger inverter production factory, advanced R&D testing capabilities and all in one solar inverter charger production equipment.Strict quality inspection and manufacturing process control.

# Our Respected Global Customers  

Our Respected Global Customers-solar charger inverter all in one

# Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Are you a factory?

A: Yes, we take pride in our position among the top 10 power supply manufacturers in China. Our expansive production facility spans over 10,000 square meters, specializing in the manufacturing of inverters, solar charge controllers, solar generators, and holistic solutions for solar power systems. With a global footprint through established partnerships, we provide customized production services, including the option to incorporate your logo onto our products.


Q2: What is the price of a solar charger inverter?

A: Simply provide us with your specifications – power, voltage, charging current, quantity, and any additional functional requirements. We'll promptly supply you with the most competitive ex-factory price. Our commitment to direct sales ensures transparency and eliminates middlemen markups.


Q3: What type of inverters do you produce?

A: Our diverse range encompasses solar charger inverter, off-grid inverters, on/off-grid inverters, solar hybrid inverters, single-phase inverters, 3-phase inverters, low-frequency inverters, high-frequency inverters, and more. Unsure about the right inverter for your needs? Contact XINDUN for expert guidance!


Q4: What's the difference between a solar inverter and a hybrid inverter?

A: An inverter is crafted to transform Direct Current (DC) into Alternating Current (AC). Solar inverters and hybrid inverters are extensively employed in converting photovoltaic (PV) solar energy into electrical energy. A hybrid inverter encompasses the capabilities of a solar inverter while incorporating a built-in solar charge controller. Also it can be a combination of off grid and grid tie inverter in one machine with same description as you called hybrid inverter.


Q5: Is solar charger inverter suitable for use in areas with power shortages?

A: The solar charger inverter with off-grid function is suitable for the use of power shortage scenarios, especially in the case of food truck cars, yachts, desert zone, sailing boats,remote suburb,island which cannot be connected to the mains power, the solar inverter is very necessary to supply power to you.

Q6:What happen if i meet problem during instalation?Will you support me ?
A5:Yes,we are 24 hours online to help,pls contact us by email or by whatsapp.should anything need help,no matter technical service or after sale service.




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