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Model Number: GP-C Power Inverter

Rated output power: 2500W/3000W

Battery Voltage:DC 24V

Output: 220VAC

Output waveform: pure sine wave 

Certificate:CE RoHS ISO,etc

OEM/ODM:Accepted,factory manufacturer & supplier wholesales at low price

Full Sine Wave Power Inverter - Manufacturer & Supplier

  • Full Sine Wave Power Inverter - Manufacturer & Supplier
  • Full Sine Wave Power Inverter - Manufacturer & Supplier
  • Full Sine Wave Power Inverter - Manufacturer & Supplier
  • Full Sine Wave Power Inverter - Manufacturer & Supplier
  • Full Sine Wave Power Inverter - Manufacturer & Supplier
Full Sine Wave Power Inverter - Manufacturer & Supplier
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# Full Sine Wave Inverter Features

Full sine wave inverter, High transform efficiency, quick start.

◆ Full Power factor is 1.0.high adaptability and stability.

LED digital display screen, monitor the input and output voltages.

Large and lightweight charging bank, DC to AC standby power supply.

◇ Support custom inverter voltage, power, color.

Automatic over-current and output short-circuit protection to avoid damage to equipment.

Full Sine Wave Inverter Details

Full Sine Wave Inverter Specification


# Why Choose Us?

full sine wave inverter-manufacturer and supplier

▷R&D Ability

Xindun have 20+ senior engineer and is at the top of the industry.ISO 9001:2015,ISO 14001:2015,10+ Software Copyright,20+ Patent Certificates, 50+ Honorary Certificates.


We can provide customized services: logo, machine appearance,special voltage and power, etc. The products you see on other website which is same with us, they are all from Xindun Power.


The warranty of Xindun products is 2~3 years(Industry-wide warranty is 1 year).

▷After-Sales Service

Xindun's product failure rate is within 5%, which is far lower than the average in the industry. We promise to solve the after-sales problems within 48 hours.We have cooperated with many customers for more than 10 years,without perfect after-sales service, they cannot always choose xindun!

# About Xindun Power

full sine wave power inverter-manufacturer and supplier

Guangdong Xindun Power Technology Co.,Ltd-Takes innovation as the core, grasps the leading photovoltaic power generation technology, and joins the advanced industrial Internet of things and big data technology to realize the successful application of cloud computing in the field of energy management. In the industry for more than 18 years of outstanding performance, let us become a strong influence in the field of companies.

★Factory Location-Foshan,Guangdong,China

★Main Market-Africa, Middle East, Asia & South America. (Ukraine, Russia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Nigeria, Kenya, South Afriac, Ghana, Thailand,Philippines, etc.)

★Factory-10000+Square Meters, 100+ workers

★Product Range-solar inverter,3 phase inverter,hybrid inverter,UPS,solar charge controller,solar power system,mini solar dc system

★Department-R&D, Production, Sales, Marketing, Purchasing, QA, After-sale service department

★Certificate-CE, IEC, TUV,ROHS etc.

★Patent-Software Paten, Design Patent, Project Pantent

# Qualifications and Certificates

Certificates of full sine wave power inverter

Xindun has successfully acquired multiple national patents across a spectrum of technologies, comprising 15 utility model patents, 10 patents related to computer software, and 5 design patents. Furthermore, we have achieved various prestigious national professional inspection certifications, including but not limited to CE, IEC, TUV, TLC, ISO, MCS, and many others.

# Factory Workshop

full sine wave inverter-manufacturer and supplier

Strict quality inspection of full sine wave inverter

We have nearly 10000 square meters of standard full sine wave inverter production factory, advanced R&D testing capabilities and full sine wave power inverter production equipment.Strict quality inspection and manufacturing process control.

# Our Respected Global Customers  

Our Respected Global Customers-full sine wave inverter

Xindun power attend full sine wave power inverter exhibition all over the world,such as Argentina,Colombia,Senegal,Saudi Arabia etc.At the exhibition ,Xindun win a good reputation which show the advantages of full sine wave power inverter  to customers face to face and  gathering their opinions and feedback, we believe that we will offer the best proposing photovoltaic power production solutions for the world.

# Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:What type of inverters do you produce?
A: We produce various types of inverters: full sine wave inverter, off-grid inverters, on/off grid inverters, solar hybrid inverters, single phase inverters,  low frequency inverters, high frequency inverters, etc. Don't know which type of inverter to choose? Contact Xindun now!

Q2:Why we choose the best full sine wave inverter?

A2:The full sine wave inverter has the advantages of simple circuit, easy adjustment, strong overload resistance, low cost and practicality, and is popular in the market.

Q3:Are we the factory and manufacturer of the full sine wave inverter?

A3:Yes, Xindun Power has more than 18 years of experience in the production and design of the full sine wave inverter. We have professional inverter engineers to provide configuration and installation services and after-sales maintenance and other technical services.

Q4:What are our full sine wave inverter sales markets?

A4:The full sine wave inverter and solar energy systems of Xindun Power have been sold to more than 100 countries and regions around the world. The main markets are: Africa, the Middle East, Asia, South America, etc.

Q5:How to buy full sine wave inverter?

A5:Get in touch with XINDUN through the contact information at the bottom of the page, and we will have a specially assigned person to talk with you about the purchase! Powerful factory sells dc to 3 phase inverter, you can watch the factory through online video!




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