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50kw Solar Power Systems
Pure Sine Wave Output

50kw solar power system

  • 50kw solar power system
50kw solar power system
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Solar module:solar battery module(also called photovoltaic battery module) in series or in parallel according to the system requirements,the solar energy will change into electrical energy in the light of the sun and then output,it is the core component of solar photovoltaic system. 
Controller: solar power controller is an important part of the solar power system, System of charging and discharging and load work automatically by its intelligent control and protection. Its performance directly affects the reliability of the system. Especially the battery life, overcharge or over discharge will be cause damage and even lethal damage for the battery. 
Inverter: in solar photovoltaic power supply system, if it has the AC load, it is necessary to use the devices of the inverter. The direct current generated by solar modules or the battery release of DC into AC for load. 
Battery:Stored up the electricity produced by the solar cell module produce,When illumination is insufficient or night or load demand is greater than the power produced by the solar cell module.Stored energy will be released in order to meet the load demand of energy,It is the solar energy photovoltaic system energy storage unit.Currently solar pv system commonly used is lead acid battery,For higher requirements of the system,Usually adopt deep discharge vrla battery ,deep discharge suction fluid type lead-acid battery,etc

Model XD-TNY50112-10TNY70112-50TNY10224-50TNY20248-40TNY50296-50
Solar Energy ModuleTypeMonocrystalline silicon A level
Daily Power generation (Sunshine according to 5H)0.5KWH2.5KWH5.5KWH9KWH22KWH
PV ControllerControl modeDirect charge/PWM/MPPT
Charge current10A50A50A40A50A
Rated charging voltage12VDC12VDC24VDC48VDC96VDC
Compulsive charging voltage14.8V29.6V59.2V118.4V
Balanced charging voltage14.4V28.8V57.6V115.2V
Floating charging voltage13.8V27.6V55.2V110.4V
Recovery charging voltage13.326.6V53.2V106.4V
Battery overvoltage protection/recovery16.5V/15V33V/30V66V/60V132V/120V
Protection functionReverse connection, short circuit, overcharge, anti charge protection
PV InverterRated Capacity500W700W1000W2000W5000W
DC voltage12V24V48V96V
Undervoltage protection10.5V21V42V84V
Inverter structureLow frequency structure
Mains input75VAC-125VAC or 145VAC-275VAC
Inverter output110VAC+/-2% or 220VAC+/-2%
Mains input charging current10A
Working wayMains priority/solar power priority (optional)
Conversion time≤4ms
Overload capacityOverload 110% 30 seconds the machine automatically shut down; overload shutdown 120% 2 seconds; mains mode overload do not shutdown
Conversion efficiency80%
Output waveformPure sine wave
Work environmentTemperature0-40℃,Humidity10-90%
Cooling modeForced air cooling
Protection functionMains over / under-voltage, direct current is too high / undervoltage, the inverter output short circuit
Output waveform distortion±0.3%
Input and output frequencyThe same with power system
BatteryBattery TypeDeep cycle maintenance-free lead-acid battery
Battery capacity100AH/12V×1200AH/12V×1100AH/12V×2200AH/12V×4100AH/12V×8
Discharge time(full Load calculation)1.3H1.8H1.3H2.8H1.1H
Machine specificationsSize(mm)465×245×465580×280×470580×300×610600×540×940
RemarksSpecification for reference.Subject to change without prior notice

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