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PWM solar charge controller uses digital output of microprocessor to control analog circuit. Constant current, constant voltage and floating charging are adopted. The PWM solar controller solves the problem that the battery is not fully charged and the life of the battery is short. 

Application Area 

10-60A Solar controller can be used in small-user solar power system for home, street light, water pump, solar water heater, etc,  which controls the charging of solar panels by batteries and the batteries supply power to inverters and loads.

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PWM Solar Controller 10A-60A

  • PWM Solar Controller 10A-60A
  • PWM Solar Controller 10A-60A
  • PWM Solar Controller 10A-60A
  • PWM Solar Controller 10A-60A
  • PWM Solar Controller 10A-60A
PWM Solar Controller 10A-60A
Xindun Power global wholesale pwm solar charge controller street light, water pump, solar water heater, etc. Solar controller's current: 10a, 20a, 30a, 40a, 50a, 60a, voltage:12v, 24v, 48v. Black and blue is optional, support OEM production.
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◆  LCD display PV charge, battery and DC loading condition.

◇  Protection against over charge, over discharge, over load and anti-thunder.

◆  PWM charging mode, DC mode save cost.

Solar Controller Parameters

K1 Specification
Rated Current10A/20A/30A40A/50A/60A
Rated System voltage12/24V(auto recognition),48V
PV input voltage range12V System: 15V-44V;24V System: 30V-44V;48V System: 60V-88V
Max PV Input Voltage(At 25℃)12V/24V System:50V; 48V System:100V
PV Array Maximum Power12V System:140W,280W,420W,560W,700W,840W; 
24V System:280W,560W,840W,1120W,1400W,1680W;
48V System:560W,1120W,1680W,2240W,2800W,3360W
Battery typeLead acid battery, deep cycle battery, gel battery etc(Battery type base on user charge specification)
Floating voltage13.8V/ Single battery
Charge voltage14.2V/Single battery
Charging protection voltage17V/Single battery
Battery overdischarge voltage10.5V/Single battery
Charging modePWM pulse width control
Charging methodThree stages :constant current; constant voltage; floating charge
No low loss<5mA
Charging circuit voltage drop≤0.20V
Disharge circuit voltage drop≤0.15V
Thermal methodNatural heat dissipation
Type of mechanical protectionIP20
Operating temperature-10℃~40℃
Storage  temperature-20℃~60℃
Elevation<5000m,(Less solar panel when exceed 2000m)
Humidity5~95%(No condense)
Protect the circuitover-charge, over-discharge, short circuit and over-load protection
Machine size (L*W*Hmm)152*97*42182*112*64
Package size (L*W*Hmm)160*106*48191*123*70
N.W (Kg)0.340.64
G.W (Kg)0.390.72
Note: All specifications are subject to charge without prior notice

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