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Off-grid Solar Power System Solution
Xindun aims to provide global customers with green energy solutions for solar power system

  • Household
  • Agriculture
  • Transportation
  • Communication
  • Industry
  • Outdoor lighting

Household System

Small household user in remote rural areas, highlands, mountains, islands, pastoral areas and border posts
Accessory products:
Solar panels, solar controllers, batteries, off-grid inverters, solar racks/wires, etc.
According to the IEA survey, 1.456 billion people live in an environment that lacks electricity. The household off-grid solar power system provided by Xindun is a new type of portable energy product specially designed for households, individuals, collectives and units in power-deficient areas to solve the problem of electricity consumption. One-time investment can be exchanged for more than 25 years power supply.
1) Self-produced self-use power supply, no need to be integrated into the power grid...

Xindun Power        Core Strengths
R & D | Exquisite craftsmanship | OEM | Quality assurance | Public praise

Inverter manufacturer

◇ 12 years inverter manufacturers
◆ 14 items core patent technologies
◇ 20 people's technology R&D design team

Strong production capacity

◇ 7000 square meters factory
◆ 200 million watts annual output value
◇ Multiple professional production lines and advanced testing equipment

High cost performance

◇ Factory first-hand supply, eliminating intermediate links, saving 30% purchase cost
◆ Independent innovation model, product performance leads the market
◇ Customized inverter is offered

International standards

◇ Company passed ISO9001:2015 international quality management system certification.
◆ Products are certified by "CE", "TLC", "IEC", etc.
◇ Receive multiple industry awards

Good at export sales

◇ 10 years of export inverter experience
◆ Establish long-term business relationships with more than 100 countries and regions, such as Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, etc.

Perfect service system

◇ Free sales guide, solar system configuration and installation instructions
◆ 24-hour one-on-one professional answer
◇ Promise: product 3 years warranty, free technical support for lifetime

Inverter Manufacturer  XINDUN POWER
Let the world enjoy high quality inverters from China

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Xindun Power

Reliable Inverter Solutions Expert

Guangdong Xindun Power Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive manufacturer specializing in the designing, producing and sales of products in the field of power supply. The main products include solar inverter, hybrid inverter, UPS, mini solar DC system, solar power system and its related products. At present, Xindun owns a leading technical team which is more than 10 senior engineers, most of them had been engaged in the power industry for more than 10 years. More over, with 6000 square meters of standard production plants and advanced R&D, testing and production equipment,we are committed to providing users with high-end reliability, high quality and cost-effective power supply.





Environmental protection

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  • Xindun Business License
  • Quality Management System Certificate
  • Member of Foshan Power Industry Association
  • CE certificate-Inverter LVD low voltage command
  • CE certificate-component
  • CE certificate-Inverter electromagnetic compatibility
  • IEC certificate
  • GMC Certificate
  • Soft certificate-Xindun inverter power test software
  • Soft certificate-Xindun LED power control software
  • Soft certificate-Xindun inverter power control software
  • Soft certificate-Xindun high voltage real-time control system
  • Soft Certificate-Xindun Solar Power Control System
  • Soft Certificate-Xindun Voltage Control System
  • Patent Certificate-A Home Solar Power Inverter
  • Patent certificate-adust proof inverter
  • Patent certificate-a device displacement video online detection device
  • Patent Certificate-an inverter controller that facilitates rapid cooling
  • Patent certificate-a new type of inverter
  • Patent certificate-a ticket verification device based on face recognition authentication
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  • How should the solar controller be selected?

    More and more users are interested in DIY. For example, I work eight hours a day with a 20W loadSolar Controller SelectionSolar controller selection is based on solar panels.

  • Xindun Main Bussiness

    I believe that many customers will consider, when purchasing photovoltaic inverter, which one is the best inverter manufacturer? Are there any sales guarantees for purchasing solar controllers?

  • The Best Environment for Inverter Using

    The temperature environment of the inverters should be controlled between 1 and 40 degrees Celsius.Batteries are also not allowed to be exposed outside.

  • Solar AC Power Generation System

    Solar power generation system consists of solar cells, solar controllers and storage batteries. If the output power of solar power generation system is 220V or 110V AC, it also needs to be equipped with inverter.

  • Solar panel, also known as solar chip, are photoelectric semiconductor sheets that generate electricity directly from the sun. The quality of solar panel components is directly related to the energy efficiency of the products used. How to judge the quality of solar panel?
  • Ups (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is set up to understand the uninterrupted power supply. Input voltage rangeThat is to say, UPS is not converted into the voltage range of battery inverters.
  • Of course, the uninterrupted power supply time of UPS is not unlimited, which is limited by the storage energy of the battery itself.
  • The converter converts the AC voltage of the power grid into a stable 12V DC output, while the inverter converts the 12V DC voltage of the Adapter output into a high-frequency high-voltage AC.
  • For ground-based photovoltaic power plants, a new method of solar panel setting has been issued: not facing south, but tilting East and west.Battery panels tilt East and West like roofs.
  • The common inverters on the market are modified wave and pure sine wave wave. The output waveform of pure sine wave inverter is almost the same as that of municipal power.
  • Let's talk about the installation and precautions of photovoltaic inverter.1.Before disassembling the photovoltaic inverter, please check whether the outer packaging is damaged.
  • Before any maintenance work, the electrical connection between the inverter and the power grid should be disconnected first, and then the DC side electrical connection should be disconnected.
  • All products of xindun have obtained "ISO9001 quality system certification", passed 3C certification, national 3C compulsory certification, etc., the quality is guaranteed, please rest assured.
  • All products of xindun have obtained "ISO9001 quality system certification", passed 3C certification, national 3C compulsory certification, etc., the quality is guaranteed, please rest assured.
  • All products of xindun have obtained "ISO9001 quality system certification", passed 3C certification, national 3C compulsory certification, etc., the quality is guaranteed, please rest assured.