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How should the solar controller be selected?
Category: Company News
Date: 2019-06-04
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Author: Xindun
More and more users are interested in DIY. For example, I work eight hours a day with a 20W loadSolar Controller SelectionSolar controller selection is based on solar panels.

More and more users are interested in DIY. They buy solar panel, battery, lamp, and solar controller. How to choose these products? I believe many users have been troubled. Today, I will give you a little explanation. For example, I work eight hours a day with a 20W load

Solar Controller Selection

Solar controller selection is based on solar panels. If you choose 70W solar energy, then match a 10A controller. According to the working status of the display solar energy system, it can be divided into LED display, which can only be used as a reference, not know the exact voltage and current value. There is also the LCD display of working parameters, which is digitized, so that you can clearly see the charging current of solar panels, the voltage of batteries.


Solar panel selection

Load 20W, a total of 8 hours, that is, the total power consumption of a day is 160W. So solar panels should choose 80W, solar panels are divided into polycrystals and single crystals, relatively speaking, single crystals are more efficient and more expensive.

Battery selection

It consumes 160W a day and needs to match the battery 50AH. This will last for a rainy day. At present, there are lead-acid batteries, colloidal batteries, ternary lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries and so on in the market. Lithium batteries are slightly more expensive and have longer service life.

Xindun specializes in the production of solar energy controllers, inverters and other solar products. Welcome to contact us.

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