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Company Culture


Guangdong Xindun Power Technology Co., Ltd. 


Lead the trend of new energy product all over the world

Promote the development of power supply industry.

To create the world's top products with excellent quality as the foundation of enterprises.

To be the most powerful manufacturer in China, and become the most reliable supplier of power products in the world.

Xindun Power Enterprise Culture

Corporate Responsibility

Xindun power technology is in the steady development of business, continuous technological innovation, in the meantime, it more willing to devote themselves to the public welfare through their own efforts, and initiatively take the social responsibility!

Building a career platform for employees

Building a career
platform for employees

Xindun tries hard to build a good environment for the employees to realize their full potential and fulfill the development of enterprises and individuals

Creating profit value for customers

Creating profit value
for customers

The factory is a source of goods, enabling buyers to save 30% of the cost of purchasing; constantly innovating technology to keep the market alive; and the power products of Xindun have put the world in an era of uninterrupted power cuts.

Promoting Energy Saving Development

Promoting Energy Saving

To disseminate knowledge of the photovoltaic industry to the public and actively explore new opportunities for green energy-saving power sources.

Photovoltaic poverty alleviation

Photovoltaic poverty

Xindun has been focusing on the challenges of the global environment for electricity, particularly in developing countries and regions, and is committed to addressing this issue. Xindun PV series of products into thousands of households, to help the green development of the model of the Accurate Poverty Reduction