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How to Choose Solar Controller
Date: 2019-03-29
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Author: 佚名
Solar controller is the core control part of the whole photovoltaic power supply system, so it is important to know how to choose the solar controller.


Solar controller is the core control part of the whole photovoltaic power supply system, so it is important to know how to choose the solar controller.

1. Withdrawal protection voltage

The allocation of the battery must be magnified. The larger the allocation of the battery, the lower the voltage can be set to exit the protection, so that the battery will not be affected.

2. Constant current output of LED lamp

Because of its own characteristics, LED must be constant current or current limiting through technical means, otherwise it can not be used normally.

3. Output period

Ordinary controller can only be set to turn off four hours or eight hours after turning on the light, which has been unable to meet the needs of many customers. Industrial controller can be divided into three periods, each period of time can be set arbitrarily, according to the different use environment, each period can be set to close state.

4. Output power regulation of LED lamp

Among the lamps and lanterns used in solar energy, the LED lamp is the most suitable one to achieve different output power by adjusting the pulse width.

5. Line Loss Compensation

At present, the conventional controller of line loss compensation function is difficult to achieve, because it needs software settings to automatically compensate according to different line diameters and line lengths. When we use low-voltage system, in order to reduce the voltage drop of line loss, we should try not to use too thin or too long cables.

6. Heat dissipation

If the field tube is overheated, the service life will be greatly reduced or even burned down, especially in summer, the outdoor environment temperature will be very high, so a good heat dissipation device should be essential to the controller.

7. MCT charging mode

MCT charging mode is to track the maximum current of the battery plate, so as not to cause waste. By detecting the voltage of the battery and calculating the temperature compensation value, when the voltage of the battery approaches the peak value, the pulse trickle current charging method is adopted, which can not only make the battery full, but also prevent the battery from overcharging.

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