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Solar Kit
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  • ESS Solar Kit - Xindun

ESS Solar Kit


Technical Parameters
Composition: Solar panel, Solar charge controller, Battery and inverter
Classification: Off-grid solar power system

Self produced power supply, doesn't need to merge into the power grid
Solar energy is available everywhere. It can supply electricity nearby and reduce costs
Xindun Power customized solar power generation system for users

  • XTG Solar kit - Xindun

XTG Solar Kit


Technical Parameters
Rated Current: 10A-60A; System Voltage: 12V/24V/48V
Product technology: MPPT+APP
 Using the maximum power point tracking technology, compared with the PWM algorithm, the efficiency is increased 15%~20%
 Wide PV input voltage range, Auto-ID battery voltage
 Pulse width charging mode, unique three stage charging: constant current, constant voltage and floating charge.

  • XD-T DC Solar kit - Xindun

XD-T Solar Kit


Technical Parameters
Rated Voltage: 10A-60A; Capacity of battery: 7Ah/9Ah/12Ah/20Ah
Power of solar panel: 10W/20W/30W/50W
 Hand-held design, easy to carry when outdoor travel
 4-way 12VDC output, 2-way USB 5V output, have strong practicality
 rocker switch, the power supply can be completely cut off. Increase security and reduce standby losses