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What is the role of photovoltaic inverter?
Category: Industry information
Date: 2019-07-18
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Author: Xindun
Solar energy is a new energy saving and environmental protection. Photovoltaic power station is a power generation system which uses solar energy and special materials.

Solar energy is a new energy saving and environmental protection. Photovoltaic power station is a power generation system which uses solar energy and special materials. If a photovoltaic power plant wants to operate normally, it needs photovoltaic inverter. So, what are the functions of photovoltaic inverter?


1. Maximum power tracking function to ensure maximum output power

The current and voltage of solar panels vary with the intensity of solar radiation and the temperature of solar modules, so the output power will also change. In order to maximize the output power, it is necessary to obtain the maximum output power of solar panels as far as possible. The MPPT tracking function of inverters can solve this problem.


2. Current Conversion

Because of the changeable weather, the direct current from the solar module is irregular and can not be used directly. The inverters first track and analyze the illumination of solar energy, then go through a series of procedures such as DC boost, inversion, filtering, and finally convert into pure sinusoidal AC which can be accepted by the power grid. Different inverter manufacturers have different quality, mainly in solar energy efficiency, safety and stability.


3. Fault check

Photovoltaic power plants are generally installed in the wilderness, or roofs, and the natural environment is bad. Natural disasters such as natural disasters, man-made disasters, typhoons, snow disasters, dust and other natural disasters will damage equipment, small animals such as rats bite equipment, cables may also be cut by thieves. Solar photovoltaic power generation system is related to the safety of people, power grid and equipment. Improper design and construction will also lead to short-circuit of the system. Therefore, solar inverters are needed to detect system safety at all times. Inverter has the functions of voltage, current, frequency and insulation checking. When fault occurs in the diagnosis system, it will alarm immediately. If it is a safety accident it may endanger people and the power grid, it will immediately stop generating electricity, cut off the connection between components and the power grid, and prevent further expansion of the accident.


4. Generation data statistics

Inverter records the photovoltaic input voltage, current, power, output voltage, current, power, daily power generation, monthly power generation, total power generation, users can view at any time. Through the data, we can understand the quality of the components, the impact of the installation angle of photovoltaic on the power generation, and the monthly power generation comparison in a year. It is convenient for users and manufacturers to communicate.


Photovoltaic inverter plays a very important role in photovoltaic power plants, so when choosing photovoltaic inverter, we should not only consider the price factor, but also combine the quality of photovoltaic inverter, so as to select excellent photovoltaic inverter.

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