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Several Reasons Affecting the Benefit and Life of Photovoltaic Power Plant
Category: Industry information
Date: 2019-07-13
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Author: Xindun
The operation efficiency and effect of the power plant will directly affect the operation stability and power generation of the photovoltaic power plant.

The operation efficiency and effect of the power plant will directly affect the operation stability and power generation of the photovoltaic power plant. For owners who plan to hold photovoltaic power plants for a long time, it is very important and urgent to maximize the use efficiency of photovoltaic power plants. But after the station is built, it will be found that in the same area, the benefits of photovoltaic power plants are different. What factors affect the normal generation of power plants?

1. Ash deposition on photovoltaic panels

For long-term operation of photovoltaic power generation system, the impact of dust deposition on the panel can not be underestimated. The dust on the surface of the panel can reflect, scatter and absorb solar radiation. It can reduce the transmittance of the sun, resulting in the decrease of solar radiation received by the panel and the decrease of output power. Its effect is proportional to the cumulative thickness of dust. Dust absorbs solar radiation to heat photovoltaic panels and contains corrosive chemicals, which also reduces photoelectric conversion efficiency.

Other parts of photovoltaic panel will also be corroded by wet dust, such as joints, brackets and other parts. The materials are mostly all kinds of metals, which can easily lead to damage, safety weakening and other problems after corrosion. The service life of photovoltaic panel may be reduced due to the destruction of natural factors such as strong winds and earthquakes


2. Photovoltaic modules are shaded

Shadow is the most taboo problem in photovoltaic power plants. Attention should be paid to the design and installation, and more attention should be paid to the later operation and maintenance. Common shadows include bird droppings, dust, shade, buildings, defoliated branches, etc.

So choose the appropriate location to install photovoltaic components, try not to install components in the sheltered place. Under the unavoidable circumstances, choosing an appropriate component placement method can reduce the impact of shadows. In the daily operation and maintenance process, more attention should be paid to the cleaning of photovoltaic modules and timely cleaning of foreign bodies such as ash.

Shadow occlusion causes power loss of 10-30% for the system, so don't have component shadows.


3. Heat Spot Loss of Photovoltaic Modules

What is the "hot spot effect"? Under certain conditions, a series of shrouded solar cell components will be used as loads to consume the energy generated by other illuminated solar cell components. The shielded solar cell assembly will heat up at this time, which is the hot spot effect.

To a certain extent, the hot spot effect seriously damages the solar cells themselves. Some of the energy generated by the illuminated solar cells may be consumed by the sheltered batteries. In addition, long-term untimely cleaning also has a great impact on the service life of photovoltaic components, and the serious situation is also the source of fire. The thermal spot effect of photovoltaic power plants will directly shorten the service life of photovoltaic modules by 30%. In the long run, it may cause the failure of photovoltaic modules.


Xindun is an expert in photovoltaic power plant and other photovoltaic products. If you have any questions, please come to consult us.

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