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Battery Inspection
Category: Industry information
Date: 2019-07-02
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Author: Xindun
Batteries are self-discharging. If they are not used for a long time, energy will be lost. Therefore, regular charging and discharging are necessary.

Batteries are self-discharging. If they are not used for a long time, energy will be lost. Therefore, regular charging and discharging are necessary. Engineering technicians can judge the quality of batteries by measuring the open-circuit voltage of batteries. Taking 12V batteries as an example, if the open-circuit voltage is higher than 12.5V, the storage capacity of batteries is still more than 80%. If the open-circuit voltage is less than 12V, it means that the battery has less than 30% energy storage, and the battery is in a state of "out of ammunition". Maintenance-free batteries will not produce any gas in normal use because of the absorption electrolyte system. At this time, the internal pressure of batteries will increase, the pressure valve above the batteries will be opened, and even the battery will swell, deform, leak at night and burst. These phenomena can be judged from the appearance. If the above situation is found, the batteries should be replaced immediately.


1. Battery Installation

Batteries should be installed in clean, cool, ventilated and dry places as far as possible, and should avoid being affected by sunlight, heaters or other radiation sources. Batteries should be placed upright and not tilted. Connections between terminals of each battery should be firm.

2. Environmental temperature

Environmental temperature has a great influence on the battery. High ambient temperature will make the battery overcharge and produce gas; low ambient temperature will make the battery undercharged, which will affect the service life of the battery. Therefore, the best ambient temperature is around 25 C.

3. Regular maintenance

Batteries should be checked regularly after a certain period of time, such as observing whether their appearance is abnormal, measuring whether the voltage of each battery is average, etc. If there is no power supply for a long time, the battery will always be charged, which will make the battery's activity worse. Therefore, even if there is no power supply, regular discharge tests are needed to ensure that the battery remains active. Discharge test can generally be carried out once three months, the method is that the inverter is loaded, preferably more than 50%, the discharge duration depends on the battery capacity, usually for several minutes to dozens of minutes.

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