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Advantages of School Building Photovoltaic Power Station
Category: Industry information
Date: 2019-06-17
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Author: Xindun
Compared with other places, the school has the following advantages in building photovoltaic power station :

Compared with other places, the school has the following advantages in building photovoltaic power station :

1. The school has a wide roof, good structure and stable electricity consumption.

2. As an educational institution of the government, the school has a good reputation, clear land property rights and relatively easy financing.

3. The school's photovoltaic power generation environment is good. Compared with the surrounding environment, the area where the school is located has more solar energy resources and stable sunshine. Schools also have enough classrooms or dormitories as energy storage battery rooms and control rooms, which have unique advantages over some families and enterprises.


4. The operation of the school is stable, and there will be no major transformation in general. There is almost no risk of the existence of distributed photovoltaic power stations.

5. Energy-saving and emission reduction, environmental protection and conservation-oriented campus, so that students have a more direct understanding of new energy, stimulate students' enthusiasm for new energy research.

The application of photovoltaic is a kind of knowledge. The power station built on the roof of a school is equivalent to a large science teaching tool. Students can see and feel it. It is more intuitive, vivid and effective than learning in books. Most importantly, the awareness of environmental protection has been gradually disseminated to students, so that they can realize the significance of energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection.

Xindun is an expert in building photovoltaic power stations. If you have any questions, please come to consult us.

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