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Is it suitable for schools to install photovoltaic power plant? Is security guaranteed?
Date: 2019-06-13
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Author: Xindun
With the increasing popularity of roof photovoltaic power plants, many people will have such questions: is it safe to build roof photovoltaic power plant? Will it leak? Will it crush the roof?

With the increasing popularity of roof photovoltaic power plant, many people will have such questions: is it safe to build roof photovoltaic power plant? Will it leak? Will it crush the roof? Will it produce pollution and radiation? Especially now many schools have begun to install photovoltaic power plants, many parents will have some doubts: whether the safety performance of roof photovoltaic power plants will be guaranteed.

We will explain these safety performance issues.

1. Whether the roof will leak after installation of photovoltaic power plant.

The photovoltaic bracket is mounted on the roof to support the components and connect to the roof. Its design mostly adopts the way of roof top, which will not perforate and destroy the original waterproof roof, and the prefabricated components will not be poured on site. This method avoids the hard damage of the roof waterproof layer caused by the installation of solar energy support.


2. Will photovoltaic power plants crush roofs?

This is really critical, if not handled properly, it may crush the roof. However, professional photovoltaic companies or installation companies will design power plants in accordance with the "Building Structural Load Code", fully taking into account the fixed roof load, wind load, snow load, earthquake load.

Professional designers will survey the roof of each user first and design a scientific and reasonable installation plan. It will not only avoid potential load-bearing hazards, but also improve the stability of the original house, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

3. Pollution and Radiation of Photovoltaic Power Station.

Photovoltaic power plants are composed of photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic inverters, photovoltaic support and photovoltaic cables. Photovoltaic modules receive sunlight and generate direct current. This process will not produce pollution, nor any garbage.

Photovoltaic inverters are used to convert direct current into alternating current and supply electricity to users'home appliances. The surplus electricity can be integrated into the power grid. There is no pollution in this process. In fact, the radiation of the inverter is much smaller than that of the TV in the house. The photovoltaic support is a steel structure which plays the role of supporting components. It also has no pollution and radiation.

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