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Development Space and Value of Photovoltaic Solar Power Generation
Category: Industry information
Date: 2019-04-22
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Author: 佚名

We can not deny that the industrial age has made indelible contributions to today's science and technology and happy life, but its demand for energy is also huge. With the scarcity of resources, the destruction of the environment, the decrease and exhaustion of energy, people began to search for new energy. Solar energy was finally discovered and developed, and solar power generation technology came into being.

Some advantages of photovoltaic solar power generation:

1. From the ratio of energy consumed by newly built power plants to power generation during the operation period, i.e. the input-output ratio of energy, photovoltaic power generation can reach 10-15 times at present, and 15-20 times higher in well-illuminated areas.

2. Photovoltaic power generation has economic advantages, and the content of photovoltaic resources is as high as 96.64%.

3. Carbon emissions are close to zero and do not pollute the environment. Photoelectric conversion will not cause any pollution that endangers the environment. It is a green energy vigorously advocated by the state.

4. Direct conversion from solar energy to electricity is one of the most direct ways to utilize solar energy, which has the least conversion link among all renewable energy sources.

5. Off-grid solar power generation system does not need to be integrated into the power grid and is easy to install. It is especially suitable for servicemen and civilians living in plateau, island, pastoral area and border guard post. If you want to know about off-grid solar power generation system and related supporting products, you can get more information from the official website.

Photovoltaic solar power generation is the product of the times. It will become a green development plan that our country and even many countries around the world have been practicing in the future. How to improve the efficiency and utilization rate of solar power generation and reduce the cost is also a problem that the state and all scientists and technicians have been devoting themselves to studying and thinking.


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