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  • Product Name: X9 Series Solar Hybrid Inverter 2000W With Solar Charge Controller

Hybrid solar inverter

It can automatically select the solar energy or grid power to charge battery based on the state of sunlight and battery voltage. 

1. solar energy first or grid power first for different client's needs

2. integrated with AC charger and PWM/MPPT solar charge controller

3. Automatic transfer between solar and grid power within 4 ms

4. Sleep mode function for low energy consume

5. Battery type option which can prolong battery life

6. RS232 communication optional

7. 2 pieces intelligent fan that good for device cooling 



Technical specification:


Model X9-T 10212/24 15212/24 20212/24 30224/48 40224/48
Continuous power (W) 1000W 1500W 2000W 3000W 4000W
Surge capability (W) 2000W 3000W 4000W 6000W 8000W
System DC input (VDC) 12V or 24VDC 12V or 24VDC 12V or 24VDC 24V or 48VDC 24V or 48VDC
AC input

170-275VAC(220V)   186-300VAC(240v)   85-138VAC(110V)    


AC Output 110 / 120V/ 220V/240V ± 2% , 50HZ or 60HZ. Terminal
AC Output waveform Pure Sine Wave
DC output 12VDC Terminal
Efficiency >85%
AC/DC Charger  optional, from 0A -Max 30A
Solar Charge Controller MPPT/PWM, decided by customer, Max 50A
External battery back 12V or 24VDC 12V or 24VDC 12V or 24VDC 24V or 48VDC 24V or 48VDC
Breakers with Breakers for AC Input , AC output
Battery low protection yes
Over discharge protection yes
Resume voltage yes. When fault remove
Over voltage protection yes
Overload protection yes.
With cooling fan yes, 2 pieces intelligent fan
Display LCD for Inverter,charger,, DC load state and fault. LED for Battery Capacity state
Running Temperature -10 to 45 degree
High temperature protection YES
Short circuit protection YES
Stand by yes. continou ouput while > 25W
Communication RS232 (optional)
Package Size(mm) 358*254*480  390*265*535 450*340*565
Gross Weight KG 19.5 22 31 35 41.5
product Size (mm)  306*202*420 366*223*472 426*273*513
product weight( kg) 16.5 19 27 31 46
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