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  • Product Name: Solar Power Inverter 96VDC to 220VAC Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter With Controller Bulit in Charger 20kw panel,controller,inverter and battery connected solar system. pure sine wave single phase solar small inverter with built-in solar controller,small charger inverter for home used.
3.Various related voltage solar small inverter with controller.
4.CE  Certification
5.24VDC input,220VAC/50HZ output solar energy product ,solar small inverter charger rated power 1000W.
6.Solar charge controller rated current is 50A 
Charger inverter and cntroller Consist of solar controller and pure sine wave inverter,solar penal,battery, etc.
Controller: solar power controller is an important part of the solar power system, System of charging and discharging and load work automatically by its intelligent control and protection. Its performance directly affects the reliability of the system. Especially the battery life, overcharge or over discharge will be cause damage and even lethal damage for the battery.
Inverter: in solar photovoltaic power supply system, if it has the AC load, it is necessary to use the devices of the inverter. The direct current generated by solar modules or the battery release of DC into AC for load.
Charger inverter features:
1.The real short-circuit short protection, regardless of how long the short time the products and electrical appliances are safe.
2.The multi-purpose socket design, it is suitable for any plug.  
3.Under voltage, overload, over current, high temperature and high pressure, short circuit and multiple protection function, to ensure that products and electrical safety.
4.Advanced circuit design, high-quality imported components, low heat and extremely low repeat rates.
5.Unique SMT + module combination of processing technology, more stable performance.
Range of application: mobile phone charging, laptops, lamps and lanterns, camera, TV, shaver, CD, fan, video game, security, professional tools, instruments of all electrical power.
Charger  inverter & controller
Model XD- T10224-20A
PV Controller Control mode Direct charge/PWM/MPPT
Charge 20A
Rated charging voltage 24VDC
Compulsive charging voltage 29.6V
Balanced charging voltage 28.8V
Floating charging voltage 27.6V
Recovery charging voltage 26.6V
Battery overvoltage protection/recovery 33V/30V
Protection function Reverse connection, short circuit, overcharge, anti charge protection
Display LED
PV Inverter Rated Capacity 1000W
DC voltage 24V
Undervoltage protection 21V
Inverter structure Power frequency structure
Mains input 220V±25%
Inverter output 220V±2%
Mains input charging current 10A
Working way Mains priority/solar power priority (optional)
Conversion time ≤4ms
Overload capacity Overload 110% 30 seconds the machine automatically shut down; overload shutdown 120% 2 seconds; mains mode overload do not shutdown
Conversion efficiency ≥80%
Output waveform Pure sine wave
Work environment Temperature0-40°C,Humidity10-90%
Cooling mode Forced air cooling
Protection function Mains over / under-voltage, direct current is too high / undervoltage, the inverter output short circuit
Display LCD
Output waveform distortion ≤±0.3%
Input and output frequency The same with power system
Machine specifications Size(mm) 420×145×320
Total G.W(KG) 14

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