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Solar Cells:solar battery module(also called photovoltaic battery module)in series or in parallel according to the system requirements,the solar energy will change into electrical energy in the light of the sun and then output,it is the core component of solar photovoltaic system.
Solar Controller: solar power controller is an important part of the solar power system, System of charging and discharging and load work automatically by its intelligent control and protection. Its performance directly affects the reliability of the system. Especially the battery life, overcharge or over discharge will be cause damage and even lethal damage for the battery.
Solar Inverter: in solar photovoltaic power supply system, if it has the AC load, it is necessary to use the devices of the inverter. The direct current generated by solar modules or the battery release of DC into AC for load.
Battery:Stored up the electricity produced by the solar cell module produce,When illumination is insufficient or night or load demand is greater than the power produced by the solar cell module.Stored energy will be released in order to meet the load demand of energy,It is the solar energy photovoltaic system energy storage unit.Currently solar pv system commonly used is lead acid battery,For higher requirements of the system,Usually adopt deep discharge vrla battery ,deep discharge suction fluid type lead-acid battery,etc
1. inverter + solar controller+ battery 3 in 1 case
2. DC output and AC output at the same time
3. AC sockets for appliances connecting easily
4. easy to install which just connect the solar generator with solar panel that it will works.
5. can charge battery from grid power and solar power.
1.Space saving, with space to built in battery.
2.True short circuit protection,no matter how long short circuit, electronic appliance also can be safety.
3.Multiple plug design, adapt any plug.
4.Multiple protection against low voltage, over load, over current, high temperature, high voltage, short circuit, ensure the safety of machine ahd electrical appliance.
5.advanced circuit design, high quality imported component, low thermal diffusion, more stable.
6.Particular SMD + module processing technology, stable characteristic.


Model XD- TNY50112-10 TNY70112-50 TNY10224-50 TNY20248-40 TNY50296-50
Solar Energy Module Type Monocrystalline silicon A level
Power 100W 500W 1100W 1800W 4400W
Daily Power generation(Sunshine according to 5H) 0.5KWH 2.5KWH 5.5KWH 9KWH 22KWH
Size(mm) 1160×660×35×1 1250*660*35*4 1360*900*40*6 1620*990*40*8 1955*990*45*16
PV Controller Control mode Direct charge/PWM/MPPT
Charge current  10A    50A 50A      40A 50A
Rated charging voltage    12VDC    12VDC 24VDC  48VDC 96VDC
Compulsive charging voltage 14.8V 29.6V 59.2V 118.4V
Balanced charging voltage 14.4V 28.8V 57.6V 115.2V
Floating charging voltage 13.8V 27.6V 55.2V 110.4V
Recovery charging voltage 13.3 26.6V 53.2V 106.4V
Battery overvoltage protection/recovery 16.5V/15V 33V/30V 66V/60V 132V/120V
Protection function Reverse connection, short circuit, overcharge, anti charge protection
Display LED
PV Inverter Rated Capacity 500W 700W 1000W 2000W 5000W
DC voltage 12V 24V 48V 96V
Undervoltage protection 10.5V 21V 42V 84V
Inverter structure Low frequency structure
Mains input 75VAC-125VAC or 145VAC-275VAC
Inverter output 110VAC+/-2% or 220VAC+/-2%
Mains input charging current 10A
Working way Mains priority/solar power priority (optional)
Conversion time ≤4ms
Overload capacity Overload 110% 30 seconds the machine automatically shut down; overload shutdown 120% 2 seconds; mains mode overload do not shutdown
Conversion efficiency 80%
Output waveform Pure sine wave
Work environment Temperature0-40°C,Humidity10-90%
Cooling mode Forced air cooling
Protection function Mains over / under-voltage, direct current is too high / undervoltage, the inverter output short circuit
Display LCD         
Output waveform distortion ±0.3%
Input and output frequency The same with power system
Battery Battery Type Deep cycle maintenance-free lead-acid battery
Battery capacity 100AH/12V×1 200AH/12V×1 100AH/12V×2 200AH/12V×4 100AH/12V×8
Discharge time(full Load calculation) 1.3H 1.8H 1.3H 2.8H 1.1H
Machine specifications Size(mm) 465×245×465 580×280×470 580×300×610 600×540×940
Weight 48KG 81KG 7KG 302KG 332KG

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